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Goldrausch in Hessen - Interview mit RTL

„Goldrausch in Hessen”

AGH-Goldankauf bei RTL

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Gold buying in Erlensee / Hanau

The melting of your precious metals and dental waste is a matter of trust!

That is the reason to choose AGH Altgoldhandel.

The work on the material delivered assumes our own melter. Every client’s position is melted separately and analyzed by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer . This way we guarantee safe and accurate results for an exact compensation.

Our refinery is working with the most modern technical equipment and well-equipped laboratory. We melt, analyze, separate and process metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and many more. In all phases of the recovery process are experienced specialists, optimal plant capacity and specific techniques used. All process steps – from the adoption of the material to the settlement with the customers – are precisely documented and are fully traceable. Our laboratory is capable of all the precious metals and base metals to be analyzed. Here Cupellation, wet chemical and spectroscopic methods are used.

We buy your gold, silver, platinum, palladium at fair prices.


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