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Goldrausch in Hessen - Interview mit RTL

„Goldrausch in Hessen”

AGH-Goldankauf bei RTL

Hier geht es zum Video


Buying Gold

In economic crisis, Gold is sold to make money.

This is not surprising, because the price of precious metals has increased in February 2010 up to 32 € per gram of fine gold.

The high gold price is usually very unstable, but nonetheless still so good that one should use the time, not sponsored or to sell their gold jewelry. The gold price is based on the existing share of the gold jewelry. The gold alloys are 333, 585, 750 and in general, the alloys used in the jewelry. The purchase of gold is in demand right now and very gratefully received.

The purchase of gold is in high demand, the competition is stronger than ever. Gold buying is often advertised in newspapers and it will be bought almost everywhere. Gold prices are set to purchase the current stock market daily. They can either ask by phone or they are given on the website. The gold purchase is accepted by parcel, which take quite a lot in stock.

The jewelry purchase works, as the purchase of gold also straightforward, as we evaluate everything on site, weigh them and pay the amounts in cash.

Interesting article from the press 2010: