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Mon-Fri 10 - 13 o'clock
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Goldrausch in Hessen - Interview mit RTL

„Goldrausch in Hessen”

AGH-Goldankauf bei RTL

Hier geht es zum Video


Professional seller

The following documents must be submitted at the commercial sale of precious metals:

  • Business registration
  • Sales tax identification number (VAT ID number.)
  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of authority from the tax Accountants
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office

For goods delivered by employees of precious metals, following documents are required:

  • Copy of identity card
  • Authorization with signature and company stamp

Here you can also create a PDF with the requirements for download.



The legal provisions for billing, particularly in Gutsschriftverfahren are tied to specific conditions.
To ensure a smooth process, we ask you to send us following statement completed by your accountant to us.

Form: billing

Our documents are available in the download area .


Immediate service:

You want to see us in processing your old Gold? Then make an appointment with us.
During processing (2 hours) of your Scrap Gold the possibility zuverfolgen of the fusion and analysis to the evaluation, all processing steps.
By using the latest technology can be complicated and even unknown alloy composition, and immediately determined by us.

1. Melting

Modern technology ensures accurate results.

Schmelzen - 1 Schmelzen - 2 Schmelzen - 3

2. Analyze

Immediate professional analysis with a modern X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

RFS-11 RFS-2 RFS-3

3. Personal

We will refund the value of your Scrap at the current exchange rate.


Pick-up service:

Through our insured courier service, you can pick up your scrap directly from AGH Altgoldhandel.
We will send you a Scrap tin free of charge.
Of course you can also assures us your scrap against collusion to send it to us.
Settlement takes place in a few days.

Please do not send Refinery WITHOUT precious letter too!

Dentist Service Donations:

You want the equivalent of your bridges and crowns to donate a site of your choice?
No problem! After AGH Altgoldhandel melted your dental gold and analyzed the precious metal content, we donate on your behalf, within hours your scrap the current exchange rate at the site of your choice.