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Goldrausch in Hessen - Interview mit RTL

„Goldrausch in Hessen”

AGH-Goldankauf bei RTL

Hier geht es zum Video


At least 7 reasons to choose us …

See for yourself how much your jewelry weighs

You see exactly the weight of your jewelry pieces on our certified scale. Transparency is our top priority!


From 50 g of pure gold, and within a radius of 50km. Of course, you will have no additional costs when we come to you!

Adoption Service

Short calls and appointment and you can quickly and visit us, if you prefer this option.


If you prefer the weekend to sell your gold, you are welcome to do it. A quick phone call to arrange an appointment is sufficient.

No expensive TV advertising

Lower costs for us means more money for the customer. Your advantage, you get more for your gold and jewelry.

Postal Service

When mailing your jewelry Always use our precious letter , completed and enclose the package. Please make the package as neutral as possible. No information how CAUTION GOLD etc.

Prices, with no deductions!

FINAL means that you get those prices paid without any deductions! For larger quantities (about 200 g of pure gold), you get an even better price.

Our prices are final, no deductions and without charges (exception: pick up service beyond 50km). Our current daily prices are available simply by calling us.